Scheduled Gardening & Lawn Care

These services are invoiced to an email address of your choosing, either weekly or monthly.  Payments can be made through our 'in-email' payment service with debit and credit cards if you so chose.  Checks can also be addressed to 'Garden My Home' and sent as such:


Garden My Home

1460 Stonebridge Circle G4

Wheaton, Illinois 60189


We look to receive payments within 15 days of mailed/e-mailed invoices.  Contact us within those 15 days if special arrangements need to be made regarding missed transactions, or if you are out of town.  We have the right to discontinue work if payments are not received within 21 days.



When your design is completed, we will discuss it with you and then give you your estimate. Work will begin with a deposit of half the total estimate.  Upon completion of the project, we will give you a final bill which can be paid by check or credit card.


Business Clients

Scheduled business services are all billed on a monthly cycle.  Checks and credit cards are accepted. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.


Organic Turf Management Plans

Our Beginning Organics Plan is billed out after each service with a Net 15.  This is the same for our a la carte enhancements, if you choose these services as a stand-alone visit.

The Organics Plus Plan and Full Sun Bluegrass Plan can be pre-paid at the beginning of the year (March) with a 10 percent discount.  Otherwise, the total amount for all applications will be split into even payments and billed with a Net 15 across 8 months (April-November).  A la carte options can be added into the equal payment split option.



Yes, cash payments are accepted.  Call us to find out more details.



star bubbleThe Garden My Home Guarantee!

If you are not happy with your scheduled Organic Lawn Cutting Service...

Inform us as soon as possible so that we can re-do anything you like for FREE


We will refund your money!



star bubbleNo Herbicides or Pesticides

We start from 'the ground up' and build better soil.  Better soil means better plants and great lawns.


Referral Program!

star bubble'Refer a Friend'

If you have a friend join us for the season you will get:

  • • A $ 75.00 visa gift card

This applies to scheduled gardening services, Porous Pave installations and scheduled lawn cutting services.

Repeat for as many times as you like!

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