Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you put down sod?

No, we do not.  Sod is usually a monoculture (single species grass plant) which is usually blue grass or tall fescue.  Our values require that we promote bio-diversity (yes, even in lawns) and seed areas with mixes of grass seed specifically designed for your bare areas.  Furthermore, blue grasses are heavy feeders and need alot of watering which is not fitting with our Organic Turf Management Programs.  Lawn grasses have drastically been re-designed over the past couple of decades providing us with great looking and feeling rye-grasses and fescues.  We have a great seeding and aerating program which fits many diverse needs.


Do you do any hard-scaping, like patios and firepits?

Garden My Home focuses on being plant experts.  While our gardeners can place stepping stones and birdbaths, we do not design or build large brick or masonry projects.


Why does Joffrey wear a hat all the time?

Wearing a hat is a great way to protect yourself from the sun.  Not only does it look super cool on Joffrey, but it is very funtional too, by keeping hair and sweat out of the eyes while working (believe it or not, it works well as a hard hat too).


How much water do I need for my garden plants?

You may have heard that plants and lawns require about 1 inch of water a week to do well.  This is correct.  Newly planted gardens and lawns tend to perform much better with more water than this.  This '1 inch of water' rule of thumb also pertains to established plants.  Usually we consider plants established after three growing seasons.  Call us if you have any questions, or if you would like to receive a free rain gauge from us to meaure the rain fall in your own yard.

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star bubbleNo Herbicides or Pesticides

We start from 'the ground up' and build better soil.  Better soil means better plants and great lawns.



star bubbleThe Garden My Home Guarantee!

If you are not happy with your scheduled Organic Lawn Cutting Service...

Inform us as soon as possible so that we can re-do anything you like for FREE


We will refund your money!


Referral Program!

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If you have a friend join us for the season you will get:

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