Note!  We do NOT currently have an engineer on staff. If you are looking for documentation and paperwork of structural soundness for a home or building sale, please contact your local municipalities for assistance.


A Proactive Approach to Home & Business Waterproofing


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Do NOT buy a $30,000.00 drain tile and sump pump system if you don't have too.

Maybe an inspection from us is what you need to save yourself from years of financing.  We provide proven techniques for proactive foundation waterproofing.



When homes flood during rain storms.  Thats where we come in.


Our 4 step proactive home repair process can fix many foundation waterproofing needs.


Step 1.  Make sure gutters and downspouts are cleaned and fine tuned for your home


Step 2. Locate and seal cracks in the foundation with polyurethane foam which are leading water into parts of your basement, crawlspaces, or lower levels (Lifetime Warranty!)


Step 3.  Address low spots in the soil around your home and create mini swales to move water away from the foundation


Step 4.  Review, inspect, and repair sump pumps and sump pits and discharges



 "We Solve, Not Sell!"



These waterproofing fixes cost on average $800.00 - $3,000.00 ( NOT $10,000.00 - $50,000 )


Our inspection fee is $165.00 and it is given free if you bought a house in the last year and you can show that the previous owner told you that the house doesn't flood.


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Bonus Services

   -Foundation slab stabilizations with carbon fiber stitch dogs

   -Floor crack leveling grinding and filling

   -Foundation wall crack structural support injections and carbon fiber bracing


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