Small Business Craftsmanship for Local Businesses

Need a trusted company that allows you to keep your head in the game while your business grows? (We know the feeling)

Easy monthly email invoicing (check or charge accepted)

Specializing in smaller properties (especially downtown areas)

Punctual scheduled visits

Occasional appearance suggestions for your property


estimate pic


Don't wait!  Keeping your business looking great is as important to us as it is to your customers.



Lawn Care (along with the services listed on the organic lawn care page)

Scheduled Gardening

Garden Rejuvenation

3 Season Petal Time Container Designs (as listed on our Garden Re-Design page)





star bubbleThe Garden My Home Guarantee!

If you are not happy with your scheduled Organic Lawn Cutting Service...

Inform us as soon as possible so that we can re-do anything you like for FREE


We will refund your money!



star bubbleNo Herbicides or Pesticides

We start from 'the ground up' and build better soil.  Better soil means better plants and great lawns.


Referral Program!

star bubble'Refer a Friend'

If you have a friend join us for the season, for 1 month you will get:

  • • 1st service of the month 50% OFF

  • • All consecutive services for the month 20% OFF

This goes for you and your friend, and applies to both scheduled gardening services, as well as, scheduled lawn cutting services.

Repeat for as many months as you like!

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